Our Menu


“Xiao Long Bao” Soup Dumpling 小笼包 10
Traditional homemade Shanghai style petite dumplings filled with pork, shrimp, and delicious rich broth.
Edamame 4
Boiled soybeans lightly sprinkled with sea salt.
Spicy Ahi Tuna with Asian Pear Summer Rolls 10
Fresh spicy ahi tuna & spring mix with sliced asian pear wrapped in rice paper.
Served with shiro miso vinaigrette.
Blue Crab and Cheese Wontons 8
Maryland blue crab, chives, and cream cheese stuffed in wonton wrap. served with mango lime puree.
Curry Calamari 8
Lightly fried calamari tossed with sea salt, chili peppers, onions, garlic, and curry powder.
Chicken Lettuce Wraps 8
Wok seared finely minced chicken breast with water chestnuts served with iceberg lettuce cups.
Yao Fuzi Spring Roll 8
Marinated shredded chicken and mixed vegetables served wit honey citrus dipping sauce.
Fuzi Skewered Beef 10
Beef skewers marinated in fresh ginger, herbs, and soy sauce.
Rock Shrimp with Pork Pot Stickers 10
Oriental pan fried dumplings served with spicy soy dipping sauce.
Tempura Halibut 10
Tempura halibut served with lemon sauce.
Yao’s “Five Spice” Spare Ribs 14
Slowly roasted short ribs with five spice and honey barbecue sauce

Traditional Chinese Appetizers

Jelly Fish 海蜇皮 8
Scallion Pancakes 葱油饼 6
Four Season Tofu with Mushrooms 四季烤夫 10
Cucumber Salad 凉拌黄瓜 9


Hot and Sour Soup 5
Shredded pork tenderloin, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, silk tofu and eggs garnished with scallions.
Miso Soup 5
White miso, silk tofu, mushrooms, and fresh seaweed garnished with scallions.
Seafood Soup 10
Shrimp, scallop, fish, mushrooms, snow peas, baby corns garnished with scallions.
West Lake Soup 16
Minced Beef, mushrooms, silk tofu and egg whites, garnished with cilantro.
Shanghai Style Wonton Soup 10
Wontons filled with bok choy, pork, shrimp and shiitake mushrooms, served in chicken broth soup with scallions.
Seaweed Salad 7
Fresh seaweed salad tossed in sesame seed oil.
Sesame Caesar Salad 10
with Salmon 24
Organic caesar salad in wonton cup with roasted sesame vinaigrette.
House Salad 6
Iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots, and cherry tomatoes served with ginger vinaigrette.
Kale Salad 10
Organic kale, chard, cilantro, mint, beets and pine nuts served with balsamic vinaigrette

~Menu Items Vary Seasonally~
Warning: Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish, and eggs may increase your
risk of food-bourne related illness. Please discuss any food allergies with your server prior to ordering


Spicy Water Fish 23
Shanghai Style “Lion Head” Meat Balls 25
New Zealand Lamb Chop with Black Pepper 32
Steam Chilean Sea Bass 10 oz 34
Fuzi Crispy Beef 28
Shrimp with Tea Leaves 22
Fuzi Panko Crusted Duck 25
Thai Basil Stir-fried Chicken 18


Five Star Shrimp 24
Lightly fried shrimp sautéed with fresh garlic, ginger, jalapeños, dried chili peppers,
panko, onions. Flambeed with “V.S.O.P. Courvoisier Cognac”.
Deep-Fried Halibut with Tomato Sauce 22
Crispy fried halibut sautéed with Fuzi Style tomato sauce. Served with asparagus and pine nut garnish.
Slow Braised Pork 24
Served with steamed baby bok choy.
Panfried Duck with Mandarin Sauce 25
Lightly seasoned tender maple leaf farm duck pan seared than slow braised to perfection.
Served with fried potatoes.
Beef with Black Pepper 22
Wok-sautéed beef tenderloin and black pepper, finished with scallions and sesame.
Fuzi Prawn 24
Lightly fried prawns, wok sautéed with home-made honey hollandaise,
served with avocado.
Soft Shell Crab 26
Crispy fried soft shell crabs sautéed with sweet onion, fresh ginger, scallions,
and black bean in shar char sauce.
Shanghai Style Lobster Market Price
Lightly fried lobster tail sautéed with fresh ginger, and scallions in white wine sauce, served with noodles.
Double Cooked Pork with Steamed Buns 21
Braised then sautéed sliced pork in spicy soy sauce with garlic, dry red peppers, scallions, sesame oil,
accompanied by steamed wheat buns.
Crushed Red Pepper Beef 22
Beef tenderloin sautéed with crushed red pepper and enoki mushrooms.
Shrimp with Soy Beans 24
Stir-fried shrimp with garlic, scallions, minced pork, and soy beans in spicy bean sauce.
Chili Flounder 22
Flounder stir-fried with fresh chili pepper, garlic, sugar snap peas, and scallions in homemade
sake wine sauce.

Tofu & Vegetables

Ma Po Tofu
Soft silken tofu and minced pork simmered in a spicy chili bean
sauce with dry red peppers, finished off with scallions and ground
Sichuan peppercorns.
Vegetable Clay Pot
Fresh vegetables stir-fried then simmered in a hot clay pot.
Yu Xiang Eggplant
Fresh eggplants stir-fired with garlic, scallions,
and red chili sauce.
Sliced Bell Pepper Stir-fried with Potato
Seasonal Vegetables
Snow pea tips 14,
Chinese bok choy 12,
Chinese broccoli 12
Chinese cabbage 14


Kung Pao Chicken
Stir-fried chicken with red chili peppers,
garlic, scallions, and peanuts.
Lunch 10 Dinner 17
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Lightly battered chicken, pineapples, and bell peppers in a sweet
and tangy sauce.
Lunch 10 Dinner 17
Moo Goo Gai Pan
Sautéed chicken breast, button mushrooms, and snow peas.
Lunch 10 Dinner 17
General Yao’s Chicken
Yao fuzi style, sautéed with scallions, in a spicy sweet hoisin sauce.
Lunch 10 Dinner 17
Sesame Chicken
Traditional favorite chicken, scallions, sweet hoisin sauce and
tossed with roast sesame.
Lunch 10 Dinner 17
Chicken with Cashew Nuts
Stir-fried with diced water chestnuts, mushroom, carrots, celery,
and tossed with cashew nuts.
Lunch 10 Dinner 17
Jalapeño Chicken
Stir-fried diced chicken with fresh sliced jalapeños
and sweet onions.
Lunch 10 Dinner 17


Orange Beef
Lightly breaded beef sautéed with red chili peppers and dried
orange peels.
Lunch 11 Dinner 19
Beef with Broccoli
Sautéed beef with fresh broccoli in hoisin sauce.
Lunch 11 Dinner 18
Mongolian Beef
Stir-fried sliced beef with scallions and dried chili peppers.
Lunch 11 Dinner 19
Hunan Beef
Twice cooked beef with button mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers,
and snow peas in spicy garlic sauce.
Lunch 11 Dinner 18
Shredded Pork with Aged Tofu
Stir-fried shredded pork with aged tofu and scallions
in a chili sauce.
Lamb with Scallions
Sliced lamb wok sautéed with sweet onions and
scallions in sweet soy sauce.


Spicy Garlic Shrimp
Shrimp with fresh garlic, scallions, chili paste. Served in spicy
tomato sauce.
Shanghai Style Flounder
Flounder stir-fried with sweet pea, garlic, scallions,
with chinese wine sauce.
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce
Shrimp with carrots, peas, sweet onions and eggs.
Lunch 12 Dinner 19
Yu Xiang Scallop
Stir-fried scallop with red chili paste, garlic, scallions with
bamboo shoots.
Lunch 13 Dinner 24
Kung Pao Shrimp
Stir-fried shrimp with red chili peppers, garlic, scallions, and
Lunch 12 Dinner 19
Seafood Clay Pot
Shrimp, scallops, calamari with a variety of
vegetables in clay pot.

Rice & Noodles

Crab Meat Fried Ric
Jumbo lump crab meat, eggs, jalapeño, and cilantro.
Yao Fuzi’s Fried Rice
Sautéed eggs, pineapple chunks, bean sprouts, shrimp and sliced
scallions in chinese curry powder.
Fried Rice
Traditional fried rice mixed with eggs, peas, carrots, soy sauce, and
sliced scallions.
Choice of chicken, beef, pork or shrimp
11 / Combo 15
Yaki Udon
Japanese udon noodles stir-fried with onions, bean sprouts, and
Choice of chicken, beef or shrimp
13 / Combo 16
Lo Mein
Stir-fried noodles and vegetables in soy sauce.
Choice of chicken, beef or shrimp
13 / Combo 16
Flat Noodles
Rice noodles stir-fried with onions, bean sprouts,
and scallions in black bean sauce.
Choice of chicken, beef of shrimp
13 / Combo 16
Singapore Style Noodles
Rice noodles with shrimp, chicken,
beef and eggs stir-fried in curry sauce.
Shanghai Style Stir-Fried Rice Cake 上海抄年糕
Rice cake stir-fried with napa cabbage, shredded pork,
and scallions.
“Za Jiang Mian”
Shanghai style noodles with minced pork sauce.
Stir-fried Rice Noodle with Minced Pork


Steamed Broccoli 5 – Steamed Bok Choy 5
Steamed Asparagus 6 – Fried Potatos 5
Steamed Buns 4 – Brown Rice 1

~Menu Items Vary Seasonally~
Warning: Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish, and eggs may increase your risk of food-bourne related illness. Please discuss any food allergies with your server prior to ordering



Pink Peppercorn Paloma 12
Avion reposado, fresh grapefruit juice, pink peppercorn, and lime
Mint Tulip 12
Hendricks gin, elderflower liqueur, fresh cucumber, and fresh lime juice
Orange Crush-tini 10
Absolut mandrin, fresh squeeze orange juice, and grand mariner
French-tini 10
Chambord, raspberry vodka and splash of pineapple juice
Pama-tini 10
Pomegranate liqueur, and three olives berry vodka
Mai Tai-tini 10
Don Q, cointreau, orange juice, and pineapple juice
Lychee Grapefruit-tini 10
Deep eddy ruby red, soho lychee liqueur, and grapefruit juice
Lemon Drop-tini 10
Absolut citron, triple sec, fresh squeeze lemon juice
Manhattan-tini 10
Woodford reserve, sweet vermouth and dash bitters
My Blueberry Night-tini 11
Hangar one blueberry vodka, elderflower liqueur, and prosecco


Copper Rose 12
Absolut Elyx, cranberry juice, fresh lemon juice, and fresh raspberries
St-Germain Cocktail 10
St-Germain, sparking wine, soda, and fresh lemon
Daywalker 10
Breckenridge Vodka, lemon, ginger, grapefruit & soda
Perfect Gin and Tonic 15
Monkey 47 gin, and fever tree tonic
Fuzi Margaritas 11
Herradura silver, fresh lime juice, and agave nectar
Baby Boulevardier 14
Angels envy bourbon, sweet vermouth, and bitters aged in barrel
Passion Whiskey Fizz 12
Old forester 1897 bourbon,
thai pepper infused passion fruit puree, and ginger beer


Tsingtao 5
Lucky Buddha 6
Heineken 5
Heineken Light 5
Stella Artois 5
Amstel Light 5
Blue Moon 5
Kirin Ichiban 5
Kirin Light only 95 calories 5
Sapporo 5
Shiner Bock 5
Michelob Ultra 4
Miller Lite 4
Bud Light 4
Coors Light 4
Beck’s non-alcoholic 5
Redbridge Gluten-free Sorghum Beer 5
Boulevard IPA 9


Voss ( Still or Sparkling ) 8
San Pellegrino 4
Topo Chico 4
Chinese Blossom Tea 8
Chrysanthemum Tea ( 黄山贡菊) 7
Silver Needle ( 银针) 9
West Lake Longjing ( 西湖龙井) 8
Tie Guan Yin ( 铁观音) 8
Puerh Tea ( 普洱茶 ) 10
Ice Green Tea 3
The Republic of Tea (Bottle) 5
Ginger Peach
Pomegranate Green Tea
Decaf Ginger Peach